A Few Yorkshire Wedding Venue Ideas

Selecting a wedding venue in Yorkshire is quite challenging since there are dozens of different options. It can be even more confusing when you have to take so many other factors into consideration, especially your budget. However, despite how confusing it might be, we will take a look at some specific wedding venues that you’ll surely love as well as a few factors that you should pay attention to in particular above others.

The first option we’ll look at is Denton Hall. This is an absolutely beautiful location as there are golden wheat fields all around for you to take perfect wedding photos. At Denton Hall, you can enjoy a very grand and stately venue, however it is still relatable and very comfortable.

Next, another option is the Priory. This is a popular and very accommodating venue that has a fantastic staff who will ensure that your big day goes smoothly. The Priory is quite popular because it looks amazing in every season of the year and your photos will be truly unique.

Now, there are many other options when it comes to choosing your venue, but one of the most important factors you should pay attention to is how suitable the venue is for your theme. The first thing you should decide on is the theme of your wedding before you start looking at venues. Once you know your theme, you can easily determine how suitable a possible venue is or not. For example, if you want a very formal and classy wedding, then you wouldn’t choose a venue that is rural or has a more countryside sort of feel but rather a grand hall or castle.

Next, another important factor is the space available in the venue and how large your wedding will be. It makes no sense to book a venue that is too small or even too big for your expected guests. If you try to fit 200 people in a venue that can only hold 100 people, then that will be quite uncomfortable and even impossible.

Finally, your budget is of course, the most important factor. It is important that you don’t spend more than a third of your budget on the venue because if you do, you won’t have enough money remaining for other expenses such as the cake, food, decorations, staff etc. So, always make sure that you choose a suitable venue in line with what you can reasonably afford.

To wrap things up, these are just a few Yorkshire wedding venue ideas and factors you should closely think about. The above tips will help you greatly, so be sure to pay close attention to them when choosing a venue.