A Guide To The Top UK Wedding Traditions

In the majority of cases, a wedding is something to be celebrated. It is a time of great excitement, joy, but also stress. Managing the celebration can be overwhelming, mainly when there are certain wedding traditions to take into account. This article will act as a short guide to wedding traditions in the United Kingdom.

1: Staying Apart Before The Wedding Ceremony

In previous years, and we are talking several decades ago, when marriage was based on social standing instead of love, the couple would remain apart before the ceremony. The groom’s family would pay the bride’s family to proceed with a wedding – this is known as a dowry. The bride and groom were not allowed to see each other as the bride’s father would ‘give her away’ during the ceremony. Nowadays, marriage is not based on business; however, it is still considered bad luck if you see your partner before the ceremony.

2: The Correct Day

An important consideration for a wedding is the chosen day of the week for the ceremony. This is based on the old-fashioned belief that each day is associated with a specific aspect. For instance, Monday brings wealth and Tuesday brings health. The best day to marry is Wednesday being the best of all. Saturday is considered the least preferable because it “brings no luck at all”.

3: The Bridesmaid

Believe it or not, the appearance of bridesmaids is both a tradition and superstition. Many brides-to-be opt for bridesmaids to help with preparation, planning hen parties, and helping with the dressing on the wedding day. While the superstition of not having bridesmaids has passed, it was once believed the bridesmaids would be a distraction to evil spirits wanting to harm the bride. Also, the bridesmaids were dressed in the same gown as the bride to avoid wrongdoers from identifying the bride.

4: The Wedding Veil

Not all brides opt for a veil, but the wedding veil was a traditional part of the bride’s outfit in previous years. The belief was that a veil acts as a shield from any evil spirits. Nowadays, the biggest concern is how you look in photographs; the evil spirits are not considered.

5: The Seating

Any person who has dealt with wedding reception seating understands the stress of each person being in the correct place. The idea is that the bride’s family and friends are on one side, and the groom’s family and friends placed on the other. Traditionally, the groom’s ‘side’ would be the right leaving his right hand free. The right hand was always considered a sword hand; therefore, he would be able to defend his bride if anyone attempts to attack the bride.

6: Something Old, Borrowed And Blue

Almost everyone knows of the ‘old, borrowed and blue’ wedding tradition. The bride would need to wear something old to represent her past. The new item represents the couple’s future and borrowing something from a happy couple ensures a happy marriage. No-one knows if this is true, but it is one of the most common traditions for a wedding.

Final Words

Being married seems simple, but there are other traditions to consider among final details. Using the information above, you know what to take into account.