Choosing Your Groomsmen

There are many grooms who find choosing their wedding party extremely easy, but there are other grooms that have a harder time. Choosing your groomsmen can be tough and a delicate procedure because you do not want to offend anyone. If you are unsure about how to choose your groomsmen, there are a few steps that you can use.

Have A Ballpark Number

There are no rules regarding the number of groomsmen you can have. Some grooms choose to have 3 while others have 6, but this lack of rules can be unhelpful to many grooms. If you prefer to have some logic behind your decision, there are some ways to narrow down the ballpark number of groomsmen.

The first is to consider the number of bridesmaids because groomsmen will escort the bridesmaids down the aisle. Keeping the ratio even is one of the easiest ways to determine the number of groomsmen you should have. If you do not care about equal numbers, you should consider the number of guests you are going to have.

Groomsmen often help out as ushers and get all the guests to their seats. A recommended ratio of groomsmen to guests is 1:50 which means you need a groomsman for every 50 guests. Of course, if you have certain friends and family that you want by your side on your big day, you can simply choose them as your groomsmen.

Think About Family Members

When you get married, you are getting a new extended family and you need to consider this when choosing your groomsmen. While your wedding party will generally consist of your family and friends, you should also consider your partner’s loved ones. Your partner might have a friend or family member they would love for you to include in the wedding.

This does not mean you have to include this person in your wedding party. You need to ensure you like the person, but give yourself some time to consider them. You can also break from conventional norms. Your female best friend or sister can stand with you.

Think About Group Dynamics

The groomsmen that you consider should be people who play an active role in your life right now. This will ensure that you know the group dynamics and how well everyone interacts. You do not want to be days away from the wedding only to find out that you no longer have anything in common with your best friend from high school.

When there is friction in your group, this will cause problems with the wedding planning. You also have a lot to think about already and do not want to add putting out fires with your groomsmen to the mix. Your groomsmen should get along, be able to work together and support you before and after the ceremony.

Some grooms find it easy to choose their wedding party, but others have to carefully work through the selection. You should choose groomsmen you are comfortable with and who will support you throughout the wedding process.